What They Say About Me

“After initially having to be pushed by friends and family to even consider practising Yoga I now consider it as part of my weekly routine and try my best not to miss my class. Since starting Yoga I have found that my flexibility has improved and I no longer have to stop half way on a long drive to stretch out my back! Thanks Louise.” – Martin

“I’m a runner and the classes were great for stretching and strength.. Yoga makes you focus on the positive side of life too.. Louise is a great teacher…” – James

“Louise was one of my first yoga teachers and is one of the factors that inspired me to keep going all the way to my own teacher training. She’s kind and knowledgable… I used to love unwinding in her classes! If I lived in Cork I’d definitely be going to her classes. Would recommend Louise’s classes to everyone; beginner-advanced. Thanks Louise!” – Clíodhna

“I highly recommend Louise’s Hatha yoga class. She is an amazing teacher and brings unbelievable variety to her classes!” – Maria

“My flexibility has increased since starting in Louise’s classes and aches/pains have been reduced. Some aches/pains I didn’t even realise that I had until they were gone!! Excellent classes, highly recommended.” – Rob

“I’ve been going to Yoga with Louise for over 5 years and rarely miss a class. Louise is very passionate about her yoga practice and the importance of connecting with your body. Each class is tailored to suit all levels and modifications are available for postures if needed. At the same time Louise’s energy and passion inspires us to challenge ourselves. Louise is an excellent teacher and each posture is explained clearly. Louise is constantly developing her practice and she takes her students on this journey with her. Each class brings something new, whether it’s a posture, a tip or just a little thought to reflect on. Thanks Louise.” – Nicola

“Louise George teaches Yoga really well, she’s very easy to follow with her instructions. One pose flows into the next one, the variations of poses are numerous and one feels that all body parts get stimulated. Her voice is soothing and has the ability to allow me to understand and perform in a way that at the end of the class I feel very good and well satisfied. She is very generous of her time and has given participants numerous classes for us to benefit from, covering all body parts. She is an amazing yoga instructor and lovely too.” – Janice

“Louise is a wonderful teacher. Her style is all encompassing. She connects with her students on many levels. Her classes are an important part of my well-being regime. I would highly recommend Louise.” – Ruth

“I highly recommend Louise George. I have attended her classes for around 15 months now and it is such a part of my weekly routine I could not be without it. I am 60 and the youngest in the class is probably in her mid 20s but Louise makes it clear that everyone has to keep to within their own limits and describes various different levels of most exercises. Totally relaxing but also enables you to work every single part of your body. Classes very relaxed and fun but a great workout too!” – Alison

“I highly recommend Louise’s classes, I have been going for the past few years. Louise is a wonderful teacher who is professional, kind and fun.” -Jo

“I have been going to Louise’s classes (in person and online) for nearly 3 years now. She is such an inspiration and a healer. She is a natural to it, her patience to explain each and every pose is endless, to a point that you just cannot get it wrong. I love the pace of her classes (and the peace), the sense of grounding and wellbeing. No two classes are the same she seems to be full of resources. She has improved the quality of my life and my mental health and for that I will be grateful. Namaste she is the most amazing yoga teacher”. – Belen

“I loved and enjoyed all of Louise’s classes and I’m looking forward to getting back soon.” – Anne

“I’ve been a student of Louise for 8 years- a mix of Hatha yoga, mindfulness and strengthening by a teacher who is constantly learning and bringing new methods and ideas to her classes while being genuinely interested in all her students. It’s why I have loved and continue to love my yoga classes with her.” – Fiona N

“Louise’s classes are the perfect blend of functional movement and yoga. Her cues are very precise and clear…sequences well thought out and crisp. Louises attention to breath work facilitates seamless flow of asanas. Strength and length is the core. The short stories/parables at the end of the class lead to a quietening of the mind and senses. Yoga in its truest form…union of body and mind.” – Meera

“Practising yoga with Louise has been a wonderful experience. Her knowledge, compassion and humour make her classes very special. Louise’s classes have given me a sense of calm and safety and I always feel grounded and relaxed by the end. Her teaching style appears so inclusive and I find her easy to follow instructions and sequences of poses always gives me what I need from class. Never boring Louise incorporates new ideas and methods of breathing and moving that feel intuitive. It is easy to see why Louise has a loyal following of students. I feel blessed that lockdown brought me to her classes.” – Claire

“Four years on, I still really look forward to my Monday evening yoga practice with Louise George at Douglas Yoga Centre. Louise is a gifted teacher who combines the practical and the mystical in the perfect ratio.” – Sally

“Louise is a very competent teacher. I like the way the physical & spiritual purpose of every posture is thoroughly explained and you’re working hard enough to feel well after 🙂 she’s very accommodating too! Both thumbs up!” – Fanny

“Love the Hatha Yoga classes with Louise. A tonic for body and soul 😊” – Padraig

“A wonderful class beautiful gentle movements for my body. Left feeling great all set up for the day ❤️❤️” – Rachael

“I cherish my weekly yoga class with Louise. I love her holistic, non-judgemental, experimental and always evolving approach. It’s yoga as it should be!!!!” – Kate

“I’ve been going to Louise’s class for a few years now and thoroughly enjoy it. She is fantastic at explaining every movement and stretch. I come away every week having learned something new.” – Aisling

“Louise’s Yoga Class involves much more than doing Yoga postures. She brings you on a journey where every aspect of your life is touched. There is a lot of mobility work carried out which helps movement in everyday life as well as safeguarding our bodies in later life from issues which are all too common. Every class is prepared so well that you flow through it in a beautiful sequence. She is always updating her ideas and helps us to bring Yoga into our everyday lives.I especially love her use of contemporary poetry prose and ideas which help calm my mind and bring me back to the Present moment where I can feel very centered and grounded. There is always an element of surprise in every class and I just absolutely love going” – Laura

“Yoga classes with Louise are fun, informative, interesting, varied and are the stress free zone that we all need and I would recommend them to people of all ages and abilities. I have also made some lovely friends from the classes which is a bonus!” – Louise

“I found Louise’s weekly yoga classes last summer and have been a weekly disciple ever since. Louise’s approach to yoga and holistic wellbeing is like no other; each class takes us on a journey to help balance the mind, body, and breathing, so that we leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and more relaxed. I recently attended one of her specialist ‘restorative’ classes, and it was magic – some special ‘me’ time to focus on healing and replenishing the body & soul. I cannot recommend Louise highly enough – and am very much looking forward to the next restorative session.” – Alvin

“Louise’s class is like a personal prescription for your body. No matter how you feel walking in, you will feel amazing by the time you leave. Each class is unique, informative and now I wouldn’t miss it for the world! Stronger every day….Thank you lovely lady!” – Stef

“Louise, I loved our one:one session yesterday. You were so knowledgeable in so many areas – physical, spiritiual, emotional…etc. Thank you for sharing some of your many learnings with me. I took away some great poses for home practice, excellent breathing exercises, a sense of wellbeing and was relaxed beyond measure (really quickly!). There is more to learn and it is exciting. You’re a special soul with so much to offer. Hope to see you again soon xx” – Belinda

“Louise’s classes are my medicine and I don’t feel right for the week if I have to miss one for any reason. I’ve had many teachers over the last 15 years but Louise’s attention to detail in every posture telling you where to pull in, where to root down, where to turn out makes all the difference and that is only the physical side of it. Louise’s classes are so good for the heart, soul and mind whether it’s a yoga concept she introduces us to, a thought for the day or a beautiful poem. Her classes have helped me in so many ways. I’d be lost without them Louise! Thank you x” – Sarah

“I have been attending Louises classes for 3 years now. I thoroughly look forward to it each week. Not only is it benefitting me physically but mentally I always seem to take away something positive from the lovely resources Louise adds to the class. Definitely for mind and body.” – Aoife

“ love my weekly class! Louise has a particular skill in explaining exactly what each pose does and how it works on a specific area, muscle or organ – really helps to connect to what is going on in your body. I float out of the class….. lovely!” – Emma